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The Rippers – Summer

Trails, trails and more trails!!

Your Ripper will spend time on the trails of the Seymour Demonstration Forest.  Our focus will be on exploring different trails, starting to read the correct line to ride and practicing riding roots, rocks and corners.

All Rippers will be assessed on day 1 and placed into appropriate skill groups.  As the week progresses, and your Rippers’ skills progress, your rider may move through the various levels.


The Rippers – Summer/Kilmer For June

The Rippers – summer For July and August

5-7 years  ;  1:5 ratio


10am to 2pm

5 days  –  $270 +GST

4 days  –  $220 +GST        *due to statutory holiday*



The weeks of

June 18, 2018

June 25, 2018

July 2018 – all weeks

August 2017 – all weeks



16-24” wheeled bike and riding confidently on two wheels.  Also has the ability to start, stop and ride up and down hills safely.

Drop Off and Pick Up Schedule

Monday to Friday:

10am and 2pm – Upper Lynn Elementary – 1540 Coleman St, North Vancouver BC


**Please note**

June 18-22 and June 25-29:

10am and 2pm – Kilmer Park – Located just West of Dempsey Rd and Lynn Valley Rd
1700 Dempsey Rd, North Vancouver


Lynn Valley
North Vancouver BC
(604) 307-BIKE (2453)