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Extreme Riders – Spring Break

8-13+ years
1:6 ratio


An Escape Adventures Classic!!

Explore the trails in the Seymour Demonstration Forest and Fromme Mountain.  Ride with the Escape Team coaches who have grown up riding these trails.  Spend time exploring trails, reading lines, practicing skinnies, ladders, drops, wall rides, and steeper more technical terrain.  Session, session and session again to improve skills and confidence.

Trails to be explored range from Circuit 8 and Richard Juryn in the Seymour Demonstration Forest to Floppy Bunny, Bobsled, Expresso and Crinkum’ Crankum on Fromme. This is to name only a few – there are sooooo many more to explore!!

All Extreme Riders will be assessed on day 1 and placed into appropriate skill groups.  As the week progresses, and your Extreme Riders’ skills progress, your rider may move through the various levels.

Extreme Riders – Spring Break

8-13+ years  ;  1:6 ratio

10am to 2pm

5 days – $270 +GST

4 days – $225 +GST    **Due to statutory holiday**


March 19-23, 2018

March 26-29, 2018    **Due to statutory holiday**



24″ or 26″ wheel diameter bike; full face helmet; armour (leg and arm) and some hours on your 2 wheels riding roots, rocks and more technical terrain.


Your rider will be shredding in all weather, please dress accordingly


To bring:

The obvious: bike and helmet and the not so obvious a spare tube, lunch (no nuts please) and water.

Drop Off and Pick Up Schedule  –  Spring Break


10am and 2pm  @  Upper Lynn Elementary – 1540 Coleman St, North Vancouver BC

Tuesday to Friday

10am @ Fromme Mountain

Go to the very top of Mountain Hwy.  Pass through the yellow gate and follow the gravel road to the water towers for drop off.  

2pm @ Upper Lynn Elementary – 1540 Coleman St, North Vancouver BC




Lynn Valley
North Vancouver BC
(604) 307-BIKE (2453)