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Explore the Shore

7-13+ years
1:6 ratio

Explore the Shore takes your adventurer on a variety of classic North Shore activities.  Not only will we explore the world famous mountain bike trails of the North Shore, but we will also spend time paddling kayaks in Deep Cove, exploring the forest in Lynn Canyon with the Ecology Center, playing tennis at the North Shore Winter Club and finding treasure with a scavenger hunt.
Explore the Shore


7 -13+ years  ;  1:6 ratio

9am to 3pm

5 days – $360+GST



The weeks of

July 17, 2017

August 14, 2017



  • 20” wheeled bike or larger
  • Riders must be able to ride independently and confidently along gravel paths with small obstacles and be able to go up and down hills


Drop Off and Pick Up Schedule


9am and 3pm  – Upper Lynn Elementary –  1540 Coleman St, North Vancouver


9am  – Upper Lynn Elementary –  1540 Coleman St, North Vancouver

3pm  – North Shore Winter Club1325 E Keith Rd, North Vancouver


9am and 3pm  –  Deep Cove Kayaks – 2156 Banbury Rd, North Vancouver

Thursday and Friday:

9am and 3pm  – Upper Lynn Elementary –  1540 Coleman St, North Vancouver



To bring:

The obvious: bike and helmet and the not so obvious a spare tube, lunch (no nuts please) and water.

**On Wednesday:  swimsuit and towel- if you wanna get wet

sunscreen and hat- really important**










Lynn Valley
North Vancouver BC
(604) 307-BIKE (2453)