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Camp Checklist

Your rider will be ready to roll with the Escape Team if they have…….

  • The Obvious: bike, helmet, spare tube, armour if in Mini Ripper Trails/Little Rippers/Spoke Sisters/Extreme Riders/Capture The Shore
  • The Less Obvious:  food (no nuts please) and water in their backpack
  • Wear clothing that will keep your rider comfortable – consider the weather, please

All camps will run rain, shine, snow etc.  Riding in the snow is actually lots of fun!!

Waivers will be signed on the first day of camp.  If you are not able to be present on the first day of camp, please sign the waiver prior and send it with your rider.  Or speed up the process and bring a signed waiver with you.

Getting Lost:

This is not a common occurrence, but having all riders know what to do in this situation will expedite the reunion of the group.  Prior to camp, please discuss with your rider the possibility of getting lost.  If your rider gets separated from their group, please encourage them to stay put.  Their Escape Team Coach will circle back to find them.

Rider’s Code of Conduct:

  • Respect other riders and their property
  • Be careful and safe while riding
  • Tell someone if a mistake is made by yourself
  • Accept the consequences of your behaviour
  • Ride within your ability
  • Celebrate successes of you and fellow riders


Lynn Valley
North Vancouver BC
(604) 307-BIKE (2453)