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Bike Checklist

The better the running order of your rider’s bike, the more positive experience your rider will have with Escape Adventures.

We recommend a bike tune up be done a week, or so, prior to the start of the camp.  Bike shops can be busy, especially in the summer.

We also suggest you have the bike shop check the fit of your rider’s bike.  If the bike is too small for your rider, they will have to work harder.  If it is too big, they will struggle to get the bike moving and maintain balance.


Bike Tune Ups Available at:

Lynn Valley Bikes

Obsession Bikes

….and many other North Vancouver bike shops.

At Escape Adventures, we know that bikes are expensive.  If a new bike is needed, North Vancouver has some super bike shops, but we also suggest looking at the second hand stores (North Shore Sports Swap), searching Craigslist and Pinkbike.   If you are not knowledgeable about bikes, find somebody who is –  you live in North Vancouver where there is a high number of people that mountain bike.


Your rider’s bike will be ready to ride with the Escape Team if…….

  • bolts are tight on the handlebars, stem, seat and post, pedals and cranks
  • chain is lubed, gears shift smoothly, derailleurs, cables and housing work
  • brakes stop the bike and don’t squeak loudly, as this may mean that new brake pads are needed
  • wheels are true and all spokes present and attached; tires have good tread and are holding air
  • frame and forks are solid and aligned appropriately
  • helmet fits well with front edge coming just above the eyebrows; side straps make a triangle around the ear and the chin strap is tightened so only 2 fingers can fit between the chin and the strap;  helmet foam is attached to the shell
  • bring a spare tube that fits your size tire



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North Vancouver BC
(604) 307-BIKE (2453)