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Tammy Stothers

I am Happiest on Two Wheels.

My First Bike

My First Bike

My passion for riding started when I got my first bike at age 5. I was convinced I could ride and promptly jumped on, rode down the driveway and landed in the neighbour’s hedge. An exciting start to my life on two wheels. My skill level has improved and my riding mantra is Rubber Side Down.

For many years, I used my bike for commuting to University and work, then moved to North Vancouver, bought front forks for my hardtail and I have never looked back. The purchase of a full suspension bike was necessary to keep up to my two boys, who quickly surpassed my skills and speed.

I was involved with initiating the Bike to School Week at Ross Road Elementary. We ran the program for 5 years and it is still running. The first year, the schedule included riding to school and Escape Adventures on the field for the whole school to rotate through. Every year after, we added activities, such as pro rider, Ryan Leech’s Trials of Life presentation.  Exceptional message and amazing riding.

In 2014, I initiated the Bike to School Week at Argyle Secondary School and in the Lynn Valley community. Commuter Stations were set up in the community before and after school and the week ended with a BBQ for anyone on a bike in the Lynn Valley Village Square. That year myself and many Lynn Valley kids, had an opportunity to ride in the Lynn Valley Day Parade. I have been fortunate to get an enormous amount of support from the local businesses and the riding community for Bike to School Week.

I feel an enormous passion for getting youth on bikes, not only to be active and gain skills but most importantly to gain confidence. When a child does well in a specific activity, they gain a level of confidence which they can hopefully extend into other, possibly challenging, parts of their life.

Tammy Stothers - Loving the Ride!

Loving the Ride!

My Favourite Trail: soooooo many, hard to say – at the moment – New Old Dale at the top of the powerline on Seymour – fast, flowy and a great workout to get there

Favourite Bike Park: Coast Gravity Park – great fun, super vibe and often professional riders to chat with and learn from

Newest Bike Adventure: riding at night with lights; it’s like riding in a tunnel.  I am very focused, because I can see nothing beyond my lights; my senses are heightened and the smell of the pine needle and the sound of the streams are enhanced. A very novel experience – loving it!

Riding Goals: to one day be able to do a wheelie and a cat walk

Looking forward to meeting you on the trails!!


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