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Alien Adventures – Fall

5-13+ years
1:5 ratio: Demo Forest
1:6 ratio: Fromme Mountain
weekend bike camp
Fall Alien Adventures – Fromme Mountain

Fall Alien Adventure – Demo Forest

Alien Adventures  –

Why Aliens?  – because that is what you look like with a full face helmet, goggles, armour and gloves, all of many crazy colours, while flying down the trail with such speed you are unrecognizable…….hence an Unidentified Flying Object!!

Join the Escape Team to explore trails on Saturday mornings.  Go for a ride, practice your skills, build on the skills you already have or gain some new skills.

Skills only get better with practice, so come out with the Escape Team and put a few more kilometers on those tires!!

5 to 8yrs – Demonstration Forest
8+yrs – Fromme Mountain **Requirements –  24″ wheel bike and a solid skill level to ride Bobsled and Upper Griffen**

1:5 ratio in the Demo Forest  ;  1:6 ratio on Fromme Mtn

5 Saturdays -September 23, 30th, October 14/21/28/ – $300               **No Camp on Thanksgiving Weekend – October 8th**



Drop Off and Pick Up Schedule for the Demo Forest

9am and 12pm  – Upper Lynn Elementary – 1540 Coleman St, North Vancouver BC


Drop Off and Pick Up Schedule for Fromme Mountain

9am  –  FrommeMountain

Go to the very top of Mountain Hwy.  Pass through the yellow gate and follow the gravel road to the water towers for drop off.  If the yellow gate is closed, please wait there for your Escape Team Coach.

12pm –  Upper Lynn Elementary – 1540 Coleman St, North Vancouver BC















Lynn Valley
North Vancouver BC
(604) 307-BIKE (2453)